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TAU a path of Solidarity and Cooperation (10 years)

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Tau Fundazioa

Where do we work?

Since our beginnings in 2004, when we started working in Bolivia, we have continued with Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Palestine, R.D. Congo, Burkina Faso, El Salvador … and we currently have active projects in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, El Salvador and Palestine.


While we act in the south we work in the north to sensitize (us) to the needs of our most impoverished brothers and sisters because we feel like one family in this globalized world.

TAU Fundazioa 2019 campaign

“Climate change changes everything”

Other activities

Education for social transformation and development, Mobilization.

The greatest challenge facing our globalized world is to combat and eradicate inequalities.
That is why we want to walk along the paths of political advocacy that promotes fairer economies, that works for the culture of encounter and solidarity, for justice, peace, the common good, beauty and humanized brotherhood. We want to get out of individualism and materialistic philosophies that push us towards consumerism and forgetting the most impoverished people.

We want to work for our degrowth so that impoverished countries can grow and develop and thus narrow the gap between developed and undeveloped countries …

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Development projects




Bulletin 57 – 2nd quarter 2020

Our Priorities

They are, mainly, those that we think the most can help narrow the gap between so-called developed and undeveloped countries.


Because it is a loaded weapon of the future.


Because without this human right the other priorities are not possible.

Productive development

Because this makes sustainability and autonomy possible without dependencies or paternalism.

Awareness for Social Transformation

To be more sensitive to the realities of inequality and injustice existing in the world.


To exercise responsible citizenship and contribute to the construction of the common good for all the people and peoples of this globalized world.

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Annual TAU Campaign for Fraternities and Parishes

En febrero se envían los materiales preparados para este año 2020 ODS y desigualdad, preparados por colaboradores TAU. Esta documentación la tenéis en el enlace DOCUMENTOS de la web Leer mas

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Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela