DISCARDED Exhibition

From February 23 to April 24

Discarded is a photographic exhibition by journalist Marc Espín that brings us closer to the daily life of 15 older Salvadoran women from the rural communities of Tecoluca, in the region of the lower Lempa River. They are women forgotten by the State and by society, in whose stories of resistance those of hundreds of thousands of older women from all over Central America come to life.

Discarded is not only an exhibition about El Salvador. It is a space for intergenerational and interregional conversation and it asks us uncomfortable questions about this wild world in which we live: how should old age be perceived and experienced? Is it possible to continue discarding, discarding so many people? What is it to be an older woman here and what is it to be there? What responsibilities do our privileges imply?

These 15 portraits and stories that document the abandonment of older adult women in El Salvador are accompanied by videos that propose a dialogue between them and their San Sebastian counterparts through crossed interviews.