Donostiatopia. On April 8, 9 and 10, 2022, the photographer Héctor Mediavilla led a participatory photography workshop at the Gipuzkoa Photographic Society, within the program of educational activities organized by the Gipuzkoa Imprescindible Africa Consortium, formed by the NGDOs Proclade Yanapay, ACPP and TAU Fundazioa and financed by the International Cooperation area of the Donostia City Council. In dialogue with the content of the photographic exhibition AFROTOPIA (, the objective of this workshop has been to make a critical reflection on the current hegemonic development model and the accelerated globalization of recent years, reflecting on the DONOSTIATOPIA concept. With the aforementioned critical perspective, and thinking about the future of Donostia in the medium term, each of the participants has developed, for a month, a photographic project on that “another possible Donostia”. The projects carried out, from a local-global approach, fall within the areas of special interest defined in the City Council’s Master Plan for Cooperation to promote Sustainable Human Development. The areas of special interest worked through this participatory photography workshop have been: a) Human Rights, b) Participation and strengthening of communities, c) Gender equity, d) Conscious and responsible consumption and production. On May 27, the workshop participants, together with Héctor Mediavilla, assembled the ephemeral exhibition in the public space of Donostia, specifically in Plaza Teresa de Calcuta. To learn about the photographic works developed and the assembly of the ephemeral exhibition, go to the following link: