Reception, accompaniment and training of unaccompanied sub-Saharan minors in Kenitra



Morocco receives many African students on a regular basis to study at the country’s University Centers, but at the same time there is a large emigration to Europe. Some of these sub-Saharan migrants “stop” in the country, which begins to welcome them at work. Among the profile of these people there are many families and also many children or adolescents who arrive unaccompanied.


Kenitra, Marruecos.

Local Partner

Cáritas Rabat.


General objective: Accompany vulnerable sub-Saharan immigrants. Specific objective: Guarantee basic rights to housing and education to achieve social inclusion.

Leading population

MENAS (Unaccompanied Foreign Minors) sub-Saharan

Project duration

Septiembre de 2018 a agosto de 2019





  • Welcoming of unaccompanied minors and responsible monitors.
  • Provide accommodation and maintenance in the foster home.
  • Regularize the residence situation in the country (National Identity Card).
  • Access to basic health care.
  • Determine the levels of training by obtaining the certificates of studies carried out in the countries of origin.
  • Enrollment and training of minors in the JUK-SPEL Vocational Training School.
  • Carry out work practices in companies.
  • Participate in cultural and sports activities.