Agrocaine: Strengthening capacities of the fruit transformation plant of the Caine Agricultural Producers Association



AGROCAINE has a micro-fruit processing plant (sweets, jams and juices) that allows added value to fruits that are not interestingly priced in the market, such as guava and lemon; Currently, the physical space is insufficient and the equipment has its instrumental limitations and industrial security, which goes against the possibilities of work and quality of life of the associated peasant families.


Sucusuma Community of the Julo Canton of the Municipality of Torotoro, in the Charcas Province of the Department of Potosí

Local Partner

CIPCA (Peasant Research and Promotion Center) Cochabamba Region


General Objective: Strengthen the technical capabilities of the fruit processing micro-plant

Specific goal:

  1. Qualify the local workforce and production process
  2. Improve the infrastructure conditions of the micro-plant

Leading population

(70 families).

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Zarautz and FNMC (Navarra)


  • Training of women leaders so that they know their Rights, improve their self-esteem and carry out advocacy with a proposal for the exercise of their Rights and a life free of violence.
  • trengthening of women’s productive associations in their production units (textiles, embroidery, bakery) in their quality of production and marketing mechanisms, for the generation, availability and control of economic resources, which will allow them to reduce the economic dependence on their partner and to leave being a victim of violence to their Rights.
  • Work with high school education students, women and men, both rural, to form, organize in student committees, engage and mobilize for the prevention of violence against women and coexistence with gender equality.
  • Teacher-oriented work (teachers and administrative staff).
  • Strengthening of SLIMs, at the same time that proposals for articulation between educational centers and SLIMs will be prepared, which will be presented to both municipal governments and the Ministry of Education to be institutionalized and replicated to contribute to regulatory compliance.