Kitchen and dining room extension in a children's room San Francisco

Dominican Republic


The San Francisco children’s room is located in the Brisas del Yuna neighborhood of Bonao, an area of low socio-cultural and economic level. The ranch was born at the initiative of the Franciscan Order due to the need to create a reliable and safe place where working mothers can leave their children to prevent accidents, abuse and malnutrition. Due to the increase in children served, there is a need for a larger kitchen and dining room, since the current ones were built to cover 50 children and currently 117 children are cared for. In addition, with this construction it will be possible to cover 50 more children from the community and neighboring communities.



Local Partner

Our Lady of Guadalupe Foundation


General Objective: Build / expand an infrastructure that houses a kitchen with its dining room as a structure and the necessary equipment.

Specific Objective: Offer a quality food service to the children who are the main beneficiaries of the project

Leading population

(niñ@s y familiares).

Project duration



TAUfundazioa (45.015€)


  • Carry out land survey and plans for construction.
  • Construction of a spacious kitchen and dining room for the proper functioning and preparation of food.
  • Pantry construction for good food storage.
  • Offer a balanced and nutritious meal to a maximum of 167 children from the community and neighboring communities who attend the children’s stay from Monday to Friday.