Support for children at the Bensliman Reception Center (Microaction)



The socio-educational reality of the children welcomed in this Center is quite acceptable but insufficient. Although they are enrolled in two local schools, they still need socio-educational actions within the Center to promote adequate socialization and stimulate children sensorially and cognitively for the psycho-physical development of minors, as well as guaranteeing accompaniment. for adult life.


Home Lalla Amina Center in Bensliman

Local Partner

A.I.B.I. (Associacioni Amici dei Bambini)


General Objective: To develop an educational program to support abandoned minors at the Lalla Amina Reception Center in Bensliman

Specific goal:

  1. Carry out training activities that stimulate the cognitive and socio-educational growth of the minors welcomed at the Center
  2. Favor the socialization process in the peer group and with the educators of the Center

Leading population

(children from 6 to 14 years old).

Project duration





  • Introduction to computer science and handling of computer equipment by boys and girls
  • Education and stimulation for the practice of sports by institutionalized children