Health care for 24 communities of the Mamoré River through the “Kenko Go Hospital-Boat” and a network of health promoters



The main problems that this project seeks to address are:
Address the difficulties of access to health services by rural communities around the Mamoré River
Reduce maternal and infant mortality
Reduce rates of malnutrition, anemia and parasitic childhood
Lack of knowledge of the right to health and the duty to take care of your health
Achieve basic health care in the communities themselves


Beni Department – Bolivia

Local Partner

Caritas Beni Social Ministry


General Objective: Guarantee a local health care service for 24 communities located on the banks of the Mamoré River.

Specific Objective: Bring health care closer to families living in 24 communities on the banks of the Mamoré River.

Leading population

Project duration



TAU, Caritas Beni, Bolivian Ministry of Health, CEI, SEDES, Prefecture


    • General medicine, dentistry, nursing and laboratory benefits
    • Immunizations of children under one year of age
    • Dental brushing and hygiene training
    • Supply of community kits
    • Training of ship personnel to adapt to regulations of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
    • Coordination of staff with the SEDES Departmental Health Service
    • Specific attention to pregnant women (detection of pregnancies, prenatal controls, supply of delivery material) from the health team
    • Specific attention from MEF (Pap smear, supply of tetanus vaccine, training on cervical-uterine cancer …) from the health team
    • Weight and height control of children
    • Vitamin supplementation
    • Taking blood and stool samples for deworming
    • Child deworming
    • Holding of “health fairs”
    • Advice and training for the establishment and improvement of family gardens
    • Coordination of the promoters with the health personnel of the “Kenko-Go” ship
    • Two training workshops for 24 health promoters and midwives
    • A training workshop for 24 leaders of the beneficiary communities