Health care for 24 communities of the Mamoré River through the "Kenko Go Hospital-Boat"



The main problems that this project seeks to address are:

  • Address the difficulties of access to health services by rural communities around the Mamoré River
  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality
  • Reduce rates of malnutrition, anemia and parasitic childhood
  • Lack of knowledge of the right to health and the duty to take care of your health
  • Achieve basic health care in the communities themselves


Mamoré River (Department of Beni)

Local Partner

Pastoral Social Cáritas Beni


General Objective: Guarantee a proximity health care service for 24 communities located on the banks of the Mamoré River.

Specific Objective: Bring health care closer to families living in 24 communities on the banks of the Mamoré River

Leading population

(24 indigenous communities).

Project duration



Ay. Pamplona (26.250€) and TAU


n each of the voyages, the Boat personnel carry out the following:

  • General medicine, dentistry, nursing and laboratory benefits
  • Immunizations of children under one year of age
  • Training in dental brushing and hygiene.
  • Supply of community kits
  • Training of the ship’s personnel to adapt to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.
  • Coordination of staff with the Departmental Health Service SEDES
  • Specific attention to pregnant women (detection of pregnancies, prenatal controls, supply of material for deliveries) from the health team.
  • Specific attention from MEF (Pap smear, supply of tetanus vaccine, training on cervical-uterine cancer …) from the health team.
  • Weight and height control of children
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Taking blood and feces samples for child deworming.
  • Child deworming
  • Holding of “health fairs”.
  • Advice and training for the establishment and improvement of family gardens.
  • Coordination of the promoters with the health personnel of the “Kenko-Go” ship