Construction of study room, kitchen and dining room for peasant students without resources, of the “Nuestra Señora de Begoña” Boarding School



Since its creation, this Boarding School has welcomed 100 boys and girls who are offered accommodation, adequate food, primary health and education services for 10 months a year. Its facilities have grown over time, but the initial ones have become obsolete and insufficient for the number of people that are currently served. Thus the kitchen and dining room are already insufficient and the study room does not yet exist.


Boarding school “Nuestra Señora de Begoña”, located at kilometer 83 of the highway between Trinidad and Santa Cruz of the Municipality of San Andrés, Province of Marban-Beni

Local Partner

Caritas Beni-Pastoral Social


General Objective: Improvement of the basic equipment necessary to guarantee decent conditions in the feeding and training of children from the “Nuestra Señora de Begoña” Boarding School

Specific goal:

  1. Improve adequate health and hygiene conditions, in the preparation and distribution of the necessary food for the boys and girls of the Boarding School, in a safe and stable space
  2. Offer greater comfort to the students of the Internship for their attention and study possibilities

Leading population

(boys and girls from boarding school)

Project duration



TAU, Diputación Foral Bizkaia and Ay. Zarautz


  • Construction of an industrial kitchen to serve and care for 100 people
  • Construction and equipment of a dining room for 100 people
  • Construction and equipment of a study room and library for 100 people