Creation of micro-enterprises for the socio-labor inclusion of women in Trinidad-Beni



The flood emergency suffered in 2008 led to the planning and implementation of actions to dignify people; since one of her problems, especially that of women, was losing her source of income or permanent job. The neighborhood councils with which the local partner Cáritas Beni works and the women from the most affected neighborhoods requested help and means of employment, which would allow them to once again integrate into the labor market. Caritas contacted the 9 neighborhoods located in the most affected area who expressed great interest in organizing the micro companies as soon as possible. Finally, women from 8 neighborhoods are interested in this project. Together with the representatives of said neighborhoods, it has been considered that the micro-companies should be: making clothes, making bread and pastries, weaving and crafts.


Eight neighborhoods of Trinidad (capital Department of Beni)

Local Partner

Caritas Beni Social Ministry


General Objective: To improve the quality of life of 124 women in 8 neighborhoods of Trinidad (Beni-Bolvia) through socio-labor inclusion and support of activities that generate Micro Companies. Specific objectives: – Give specific training in Cooking, Bakery, Sewing and Handicrafts, which enables the preparation of women beneficiaries in the creation of micro-enterprises. – Implement a total of 41 micro-enterprises to promote socioeconomic inclusion and improve the quality of life of 124 women and their families.

Leading population

(indirect 620 families)

Project duration



TAU and Ay. Bergara


  • Training workshops in: Kitchen – Bakery – Sewing and Crafts
  • Signatures of the agreement between Cáritas Beni and the Mayor of Trinidad
  • Assignment and training of Micro Companies
  • Signing of an agreement between Caritas Beni and the beneficiaries of micro-enterprises
  • Acquisition of tools and equipment to start up micro-businesses
  • Acquisition of inputs and raw materials to be used in the start-up of micro-enterprises
  • Delivery of equipment and supplies to the beneficiaries
  • Conditioning of spaces for Micro Companies (small civil works)
  • Exhibition fairs and sales of products created in micro-enterprises.
  • Evaluation and monitoring (Reports)
  • Accompaniment and monitoring