Enhancing the medical care of the vulnerable Sucre population by improving the hospitalization and operating room services at the Georges Duez Hospital (GDH)


Background Information

Background Information: The proposal arises as a continuation of the project “Strengthening the care and rehabilitation capabilities of the George Duez IPTK Hospital – Sucre in response to the negative consequences of COVID19”. This project resulted in the strengthening of post-pandemic patient care and the raising of awareness on the part of the Sucre population of the importance of good health care and disease prevention. As a result,  the most vulnerable part of the Sucre population now requires improved surgical care in the operating room and better hospitalization. The Georges Duez Hospital should bolster its patient services to provide quality health care, personalized service and timely care to these groups with access to health care.


Sucre Municipality

Local partner

Tomas Katarí Polytechnical Institute (TKPI)


Overall goal: Enable the most vulnerable population in the Sucre municipality and the peasant communities in the Chuquisaca and Potosí departments to fully  exercise their rights to adequate health care.

Specific goal: Enhance health care for vulnerable and post-Covid patients in the hospitalization and operating room services of the Georges Duez Hospital by means of  the use of adequate equipment, instruments and uniforms.

Target population

(2,700 women and 2,300 men).




TAU,  Bergara City Council (4.155€)


  • Installation of equipment and working tools in the operating and hospitalization rooms.
  • Workshops on management and maintenance of operating room and hospitalization equipment.
  • Provide surgical medical care to low-income and post-COVID patients.
  • Organize surgery-hospitalization campaigns for low-income people in the Sucre Municipality.