Blood gas equipment for COVID patients at Franklin Tello Hospital



In the current pandemic situation due to COVID-19, the Franklin Tello Hospital expects, on an estimated population of 6,500 inhabitants and calculating an affectation of 40%, 842 slightly affected, 145 patients with severe pneumonia (affectation of more than 50% of the lungs ) and 52 in need of mechanical ventilation. The Hospital does not have the means to treat more than 2 patients with oxygen therapy and although the national guidelines for the care of these patients should refer to the referral hospital in Coca, the situation of overflowing health services is a reality and this it is not possible. Currently the oxygen tanks are recharged in Coca and it takes 15 days. And now with the demand for services and communication restrictions by the river (2 transports per week) the term would be lengthened. A patient with severe pneumonia will need 2 oxygen tanks a day which makes their care impractical. For this reason, the Hospital must have these minimum oxygen therapy services for 10-20 patients and be able to treat the emergency in situ.


Nuevo Rocaforte, Aguarico, amazonía ecuatoriana

Local Partner

Vicariato Apostólico de Aguarico


General Objective: To keep the Hospital operational in this pandemic situation with an oxygen therapy service, without which the admission of patients who come to the Hospital is meaningless.

Specific Objective: Provide oxygen therapy to all patients treated for COVID at the Franklin Tello Hospital

Main population

(300 COVID patients).

Project duration



TAU (10.000€)


  • Acquisition and installation of arterial gas and electrolyte analyzer equipment.