Training rural Palestinian women for their social participation and overcoming poverty through professional training





Ramalha-Hebrón, Cisjordania

Local Partner



General Objective: Empower 60 women living in poverty in various rural communities in the Hebron district, West Bank, to improve their economic conditions and increase their presence in the economic, social and political life of their communities

Specific goal:

  1. Achieve a training center equipped with the structure of human, administrative and material resources necessary to carry out this project
  2. Training in civic and democratic values and professional training to achieve the employability of women beneficiaries in the sewing and garment market
  3. Promote the implementation of small domestic sewing businesses by the beneficiaries
  4. Establish a program for continuous evaluation of project development

Leading population

(60 women and family).

Project duration



TAU and Ay. Pamplona


  • Administrative mechanism implementation: HDIP will employ project staff at HDIP’s main office in Ramallah.
  • Presentation of the project in the communities
  • Establish the team of trainers
  • Rental and equipment of the training center (furnished and purchase of 6 industrial sewing machines)
  • Purchase of 60 sewing machines from the beneficiaries
  • Meetings with the beneficiaries to determine the level of their skills and their needs to design a specific training program.
  • Training courses on Citizenship, Gender and Conflict Resolution by Peaceful Means.
  • Training courses in Court and Dressmaking.
  • Training courses in Administration, Small Business Management and Marketing Techniques.
  • Creation of the Association of Women Seamstresses of Hebron and a 1 steering committee made up of five women chosen by the beneficiaries themselves to promote and defend their interests against the Institutions and other associations, as well as to ensure commercial promotion