Strengthen the organizational, participatory and economic capacities of 3 women's Associations in the Municipalities of Aguilares, El Paisnal and S. Pablo Tacachico

El Salvador


In El Salvador, social exclusion represents a challenge to be overcome by the Local Governments, the central government and the different sectors of the social, economic, cultural and environmental spheres. This exclusion varies by department and municipality, which is why in the Aguilares, El Paisnal and San Pablo Tacachico municipalities, CORDES, together with the Local Governments, and other institutions, have designed in a participatory way the strategic plans, youth policies, policies of gender, in which problems related to: a) low gender equity training in men and women were identified through participatory diagnoses; b) low economic resources and gender inequality dedicated to promoting the right to socio-economic participation; c) Civil society with low recognition of women’s socio-economic participation rights; d) Low application of municipal gender policies; d) Social, economic and political discrimination against women; e) Low promotion of the right to socio-economic participation, mainly of organized women; f) Lack of strategies and mechanisms to promote income generation for women; g) Inadequate services to support production and economic initiatives that generate income for women; h) Women lack adequate training for the implementation of initiatives; i) Women with difficulties in accessing credit; j) Low valuatio


Municipalities of Aguilares, El Paisnal and San Pablo Tacachico

Local Partner

CORDES (Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador)


General Objective: Contribute to the process of generation and consolidation of the transforming subjects for the eradication of structural poverty in the municipalities of Aguilares, El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico, Department of San Salvador and La Libertad, El Salvador.

Specific Objective: To strengthen the organization, economic management and participation of three women’s associations in the municipalities of Aguilares, El Paísnal and San Pablo Tacachico.

Leading population

(150 women and 75 men).

Project duration



TAU, Navarre Government (84.798€), Ay. Irún (11.875€)


  • Organizational process strengthening of the three women’s associations;
    Strengthening participation and advocacy capacities of these three women’s associations;
  • Strengthen 20 economic initiatives, developed by women from these associations.
  • Execution of 27 training sessions, with 100 women and 75 men.
    Design of demands platforms for Women’s Associations.
    Exchange and advocacy activities.
  • Equipping 20 economic initiatives and designing their business plans.