Strengthening with leadership capacity, participation and incidence of 2 Sirionó indigenous communities to enforce their rights



Following the execution of previous projects, a good relationship has been established between the representative organizations of the Sirionó Council and the local partner Cáritas Beni. The local partner saw conditions to strengthen this relationship and to establish an alliance to improve the development and quality of life of these communities with multiple problems and forgotten by the closest public authorities and decision-makers. Caritas Beni saw the need to carry out a Diagnosis of the communities and this is how the Liliam Aponte Seoane technique, taking advantage of the implementation of the project to Strengthen a healthy life and free from violence of indigenous children and adolescents (NNA), carried out a document such as a current photograph of the socio-economic, environmental and cultural situation of the Sironó people. In this diagnosis, the problem is analyzed in different areas (health, education, productive and economic organization, natural resources and the environment, etc.), in order to understand its current situation and define lines of action with which to guide and favor the approach to the determinants and conditioning factors of poverty and loss of cultural identity. This diagnosis led to the preparation of a Basic Plan of Action 2018-2022.


Trinidad – Beni

Local Partner

Caritas – Social Pastoral


Objetivo General: Contribuir al desarrollo sostenible y la disminución de la situación de pobreza y exclusión social de la población indígena sirionó de Ibiato y Pata de Agila. Objetivo Específico: Fortalecimiento con equidad de las capacidades de organización, liderazgo, participación e incidencia de dos comunidades indígenas sirionó para la reivindicación y defensa efectiva de sus Derechos económicos, sociales, culturales y ambientales.

Leading population

(22 mujeres y 18 varones).

Project duration



TAU, Ay.Zarutz (17.994€) y Ay.Irun (10.892€)


  • Review of the structure and functioning of the Sirionó Council and the Women’s group.
  • Annual planning (2020).
  • Presentation and dissemination of specific demands for advocacy in municipal and departmental governments.
  • Two exchange meetings with the Mojeña de Bella Selva indigenous community.
  • Technical monitoring and evaluation of the project.