Strengthening psycho-pedagogical care service for autistic children without resources in Bonao

Dominican Republic


Since the creation of the Brisas Yuna neighborhood in Bonao, the Fundación Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe has been in charge of providing medical, educational, child protection and human development services, developing various projects.

In the Monsignor Nouel Province, there are no services to deal with the problems of autistic children and those with autism spectrum disorders. Parents have to deal with the problem without viable solutions, having to move to the capital or Santiago de los Caballeros. This transfer represents a very high cost in addition to the emotional and physical fatigue that it represents for families and children.

This new project is aimed at the sector of the local population that cannot pay for therapeutic aids or services, nor can they go to the capital of the Republic in search of such help, nor follow up on treatments or therapies. Children with these conditions need systematic and constant intervention for proper development at the social and intellectual level.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Medical Clinic in BONAO

Local Partner

Our Lady of Guadalupe Foundation


General Objective: To enable the social and educational integration of children with autistic spectrum in the Province of Monseñor Nouel.

Specific Objective: To strengthen a program of therapeutic and family intervention to improve the capacities, cognitive, affective, communicative, personal autonomy and integration of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Leading population

(30 children and 120 family members).

Project duration



Ay. Oñati (6.863€), Santander (10.057€) and TAU


  • 1. Weekly individualized therapies for each child with autism spectrum disorders. (Basic Skills Curriculum)
  • Carried out by two psychologists who are in charge of language and behavioral skills therapies and teachers for learning therapies
  • The Bonao Special Education School will also support the integration of boys and girls into the educational system
  • 2. Monthly meeting with the Group of parents of autistic children, dynamized by the Psychologist responsible for the project, to work and share on various topics such as tantrums management, behavior skills at home … In these meetings also Guidance and support is given to siblings of children with autism.
  • 3. Quarterly evaluation of the basic skills program for autistic children. For this, templates to be filled in by the technical team of the project will be used.
  • 4. Training on “Diagnosis and Therapy of Learning Dysfunctions” for one of the psychologists of the project. This training is given in Santo Domingo by the Institute of Psycho-social and Educational Services. The Program lasts for 9 months.
  • 5. Coordination with the School of Special Education and the School “Center of Arts” of Bonao to achieve greater school and social integration of children with autism in the area.
  • 1. Therapeutic training workshop for parents of children with autism, aimed at a total of 20 parents who come to the service of the Fundación Nª Sª de Guadalupe to: Identify the feelings that parents raise in children children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and learn to manage and overcome them through Creative Relaxation techniques.
  • 2. Bi-monthly meeting with the parents of the children participating in the Learning Therapy Program; to launch a local Association with political advocacy and social awareness regarding the problem of autism.