Guarantee food security for 100 families in Jarabacoa, based on the leadership of women

Dominican Republic


High rate of chronic child malnutrition. Low availability and access to food, in addition to its inappropriate use. And lack of knowledge about hygiene and food handling.


Jarabacoa -Province of La Vega

Local Partner

Cibao United Educators Foundation (EDUDELC)


General Objective: Guarantee the food security of 100 families from 10 rural communities of Jarabacoa.

Specific goal:

  1. Train 100 women leaders in nutrition, food security and organic production of fruit and vegetables
  2. Implement a production program of 100 organic short-cycle vegetable production units on a family scale.

Leading population

(100 familias).

Project duration





  • Training workshops on basic nutrition, balanced meals, organic fertilizer and vegetable production.
  • Purchase and distribution of tools and materials
  • Construction of small equipment (earthworms and compost units).
  • Preparation of land and establishments for family gardens.