The 72-Home Refuge for Migrants



Central America is a region punished by inequalities, where decades of armed conflict and economic interventionism have led to extreme impoverishment of its population. Socioeconomic instability, political corruption and high levels of violence have caused massive movements of human beings. In Mexico, 64 kilometers from the border with Guatemala, La 72 is located, the first Migrant House on the southeast border of Mexico, as well as the only one in the state of Tabasco that receives and cares for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The 72 is located a few meters from the freight train track known as “The Beast”.



Local Partner

“Pies Descalzos A.C.” (Franciscans)


General Objective: To fully support migrants in transit through the southern border of Mexico with Guatemala for the promotion and defense of their Human Rights. Specific Objective: 1- Offer socio-sanitary and legal accompaniment to migrants and the most vulnerable groups (unaccompanied minors, women and the LGTBI community). 2- Carry out social and institutional advocacy with the population of the State of Tabasco and participate in state and international networks to support migrants.

Leading population

(3.072 mujeres y 12.660 varones).

Project duration



TAUfundazioa (30.015€)


  • Welcome and information on the basic rules of the Refuge Home. I go through Registration to collect data and photography.
  • Medical check. Delivery of toilet kit and clothes. Reception by the coordinator of the module and accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Welcome, guidance and advice on Human Rights.
  • Care for crime victims by the team of lawyers in the Office of La 72 – Hogar refugio.
  • Monitoring of the demands for regularization accepted for humanitarian reasons.
  • Information on different possibilities for applying to become a refugee.
  • Awareness and advocacy activities with the population of Tenosique.
  • Visits to the Communities of the migrant routes of El Ceibo and El Pedregal. Participation in state and international networks to support migrants.