Improving care for children with disabilities in Salé-Rabat



The problems to be addressed with this project focus on two areas:

  • Need to enhance the organizational and management capacity of the El Youssr Association (Relatives of people with autism, Down syndrome, the disabled …)
  • Need to improve the socio-sanitary and educational care of disabled children of El Youssr associates.



Local Partner

Caritas Rabat and Association El Youssr


General Objective: To promote the management and work of the El Youssr Association in its socio-sanitary and educational work.

Specific Objective: To improve the educational, health and social quality of 50 disabled children in the regulated school environment and of the Association

Leading population

(50 disabled children).

Project duration



TAU, Caritas-Rabat, El Yourrs Association, Ay.Berriozar (Navarra) Moroccan Ministry of Education


  • Create an Activity Coordinator position
  • Purchase of equipment for the Association office (furniture, telephone-fax and accounting program)
  • 5-day course on associative management.
  • Associative accounting and accounting system course acquired by the association
  • Edition of brochures for public dissemination of the objectives of the association
  • Making a guide for parents of affected members of the Association.
  • Sustaining operating expenses to achieve functional support services.
  • Renovation of the furniture, pedagogical and psycho-motor material of the 4 existing classrooms
  • Creation of a new classroom for autistics at the Ibn Toufail School
  • Equipment of the new classroom for autists.
  • Salary improvement for the professionals of the Association.
  • Selection and hiring of educators (one educator and two assistants) for the new classroom for autists.
  • Disability course for educators.
  • Autism course for educators.
  • Course to improve the use of pedagogical material by educators.
  • Course on administration and management for the heads of the Association.
  • Recruitment of a psychologist, orthopedic technician and a psychomotor specialist.
  • Training of educators and parents of the association in horticulture and rabbit breeding.
  • Training of educators in hygiene and nutrition.
  • Preparation and equipment of the garden and space for the farm.
  • Purchase and preparation of sports equipment