Oxygen generator for Franklin Tello Hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Background information

The Franklin Tello Hospital anticipates a 40% COVID-19 infection rate of the local population. 842 people (out of a estimated population at 6,500 inhabitants) are expected to be infected by the virus, with 145 patients suffering from severe pneumonia (more than 50% of lung capacity affected by the COVID-19) and 52 requiring mechanical ventilation. The hospital does not have the resources to treat more than two patients with oxygen therapy.  These patients should be referred to the hospital located in Coca in accordance with national guidelines. However, the inability to care for all the COVID-19 patients rules out this option. Oxygen tanks are currently refilled at the Coca hospital and it normally takes 15 days to do so. It will take longer to refill the oxygen tanks due to the growing demand for these tanks and the fact that they must be transported by river, with only two trips per week. A patient with severe pneumonia uses two oxygen tanks per day which makes it impossible to care for them adequately. For this reason, the hospital requires minimum oxygen therapy services for 10-20 patients and be in a position to threat them at the Franklin Tello Hospital.


Nuevo Rocaforte, Aguarico, Ecuadorian Amazon

Local partner

Apostolic Vicariate of Aguarico


Overall goal: Maintain hospital operations despite the pandemic. Without oxygen therapy, there will be no rationale for admitting new patients and they will not go to the hospital. This will hamper efforts to control the pandemic and reduce the overall number of cases.

Specific goal: Provide oxygen therapy to all patients treated at Franklin Tello Hospital who require it.

Target population

(300 patients with COVID-19).

Project duration



Various and TAU (€10.000)


  • Acquiring and installing an oxygen generation plant.