Prevention, detection and early treatment of child disability from working in a network for the protection / inclusion of children with disabilities



In the second decade of the 21st century, the majority of people with disabilities in Bolivia continue to experience exaggerated discrimination that violates the fulfillment of all their human rights, including the right to life itself. The association of poverty with disability produces a negative synergy that makes those who suffer it much more fragile, causing situations of various exclusions or extreme exclusion. Given that not all the alterations that produce disability are avoidable, it is unanimously accepted internationally that the reduction of disability is greater the sooner it begins to intervene with children who present difficulties of any kind in their development. For this reason, children whose disabilities have not been avoided should be able to access early care programs as soon as possible, so as to minimize the negative influence of their development problems.


Province: Chapare, Colomi Municipality, Villa Tunari; Province: Cercado, Cercado Municipality Zona Sud District Nº 9; Province: Esteba Arze, Arbieto Municipality (Cochambamba Department)

Local Partner

San Lucas Foundation


General Objective: Improve the living conditions of children with disabilities in the department of Cochabamba

Specific goal:

  1. Early, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the child population in extreme poverty;
  2. Prevention, awareness, training and family and community awareness of childhood disabilities
  3. Networking for the protection and inclusion of children with disabilities and their families.

Leading population

(men, women and children).

Project duration



Ay. Pamplona (€ 34,844), TAUfundazioa (€ 18,305) and other local contributions.


  • Formation of an expert human technical team in Community Based Rehabilitation (RBC)
  • Visits and awareness-raising meetings (for signing agreements) with the OTB (Territorial Base Organizations),
  • Preparation and purchase of materials and equipment for training, awareness and dissemination in RBC. Radio spots and Spot for local TV
  • Training of the 15 community unions in prevention and legal regulations on disability. 2 Workshops for each of the 15 Unions.
  • Training for 15 comprehensive health promoters (one for each community) with a specialty in CBR and in prevention and detection of DCP
  • Training for 15 groups of women in prevention and detection of disability. 375 women will be trained in 3 half-day workshops.
  • Training in 11 school centers in prevention, detection and inclusion of disabilities.
  • Training 200 children from the 15 communities in prevention and inclusion DCP
  • Elaboration of the Census of disabled population of the communities.
  • Medical control for the early detection of disability in the 15 communities.
  • Specialized assessment of 200 disabled children detected
  • Specialized intervention (treatments, rehabilitation …) with 50 children with disabilities.
  • School and social inclusion of 50 disabled children based on RBC.