Reduced vulnerability of pregnant girls and adolescents in the municipality of Trinidad, as well as the violation of their sexual and reproductive rights, in Beni



Pregnancy at an early age constitutes a socio-economic and public health problem of considerable magnitude; especially in a context of high fertility such as the Bolivian. The fact of these unions of adolescent couples generate unstable families, which implies couple breakups, rejection of pregnancy, abandonment of children, stigmatization and exclusion of mothers; in short absence of a decent future for them and their children



Local Partner

Cáritas Beni social ministry


General Objective: Training and education for life and comprehensive access to health services, education, job placement, care services and care for their sons and daughters.

Specific goal:

  1. Carry out awareness, prevent unwanted pregnancies and defend sexual and productive rights both among young adolescents and adults
  2. Create a network for the prevention of sexual abuse and abuse of adolescent girls

Leading population

(500 women and 100 men).

Project duration



Navarre Government and TAU


  • Two workshops on prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Two Workshops on defense of sexual and reproductive rights
  • Two Workshops on violence against women
  • Two Workshops on discrimination against women
  • Four talks to the neighborhood councils of the 4 neighborhoods of attention on pregnancy prevention
  • Four talks to the neighborhood boards on defense of sexual and reproductive rights
  • Eight meetings with teachers from educational units
  • Eight meetings with parents from the Barrios and Educational Units
  • Dissemination of prevention campaigns in the press, radio and television
  • Five meetings to create the Abuse Prevention Network
  • Four learning workshops on the use and management of the Networks Manual
  • Seven contests for poetry, painting, literature, sports …
  • Nine educational fairs open to the general public
  • Coordination with neighborhood councils, educational centers and other public entities
  • Project monitoring, evaluation and accountability reports
  • Twelve workshops on pastry, macramé, crafts, baskets, cardboard …