Rehabilitation of vulnerable homes in Belén. Improving social protection by creating employment



The cities of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour are subject to severe restrictions by the occupying authorities. In fact, the existing conflict between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Territories influences the quality of life of the local population in many ways; In this dire economic situation, people are practically unable to meet the basic needs of their families and, even less, to attend to the maintenance or rehabilitation of their homes. In this context, ATS-Pro Terra Sancta carries out projects in the field of humanitarian action, works through concrete actions with which to support individuals and families to face daily life with less worries and more hope for the future. We can say that the community of Bethlehem lives in a situation of precariousness and need because, in the West Bank, the Palestinian National Authority does not provide any form of social assistance and the unresolved conflict with Israel hinders socio-economic development, to which is added the current crisis that originated by the Covid-19 that has destroyed a good part of the small advances made.


Belén (Palestina)

Local Partner

ATS-Pro Terra Sancta


General Objective: Improve the living conditions of the Palestinian population of Bethlehem and create new job opportunities.

Specific Objective: Guarantee decent and healthy housing for the vulnerable population of Belén. Improve the hygienic-sanitary conditions of the population of Belén. Reduce the risk of diseases. Create new job opportunities for young unemployed, vulnerable and untrained people.

Main population

(6 families).

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Iruña (15.000€)


  • Carrying out renovation and maintenance work on the homes.

  • Selection of qualified workers and selection and training of unskilled workers.