Sonographer for Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Dispensary

Dominican Republic

Background information

The Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Dispensary provides assorted medical services covering general medicine, emergency care, pediatrics, gynecology, vaccination, dentistry, cardiology, nutrition, diabetes, psychology, psychiatry, laboratory, pharmacy and ultrasound. The latter service has not been provided for three months because the ultrasound equipment was damaged. It has not been possible to acquire new equipment due to its high cost and the Dispensary´s low level of income from poor patients.


This equipment is necessary for health problem prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy patients and other types of patients. It is useful for most diseases and can be used regardless of age (childhood, youth, adults and the elderly).


Villa Duarte neighborhood of the Santo Domingo Este municipality

Local partner

Caribbean Franciscan Custody


Overall goal: Addressing the pressing health needs of the most disadvantaged, poor and marginalized people of Villa Duarte in order to alleviate their physical, mental and spiritual health suffering.

Specific goal: Acquiring an ultrasound machine to continue offering dispensary services.

Target population

(people in Villa Duarte).

Project duration



TAU (€ 15,000)


  • Acquiring and installing an ultrasound machine with a totally digital processor.