25N: Eradicate sexist violence, a task for 365 days a year

On November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is “celebrated” to denounce the violence that is exercised against women throughout the world and demand policies in all countries for its eradication. TAU Fundazioa is no stranger to this scourge and also works on the subject, with projects on the ground and awareness-raising actions in the north.

Thus, for example, this week we have delivered the follow-up reports of the project “Promoting the Right to a Life Free of Gender-Based Violence and School Violence in the Municipalities of Pocoata and Colquechaca. Phase 2 ”that is being executed in Bolivia by the hand of our local partner“ Instituto Politécnico Tomas Katari ”(IPTK), for the City Council of Irún and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, who co-finance the project together with contributions from TAU, IPTK and the subject population itself. The project began in November 2020 and has a total duration of 20 months.

The reports delivered report on the first 10 months of the project:

-A diagnosis has been made on the situation of gender violence and school violence in the municipalities and schools involved (two in Pocoata and three in Colquechaca). Municipal authorities have committed to work to reduce violence in municipalities by promoting awareness-raising activities and changing attitudes, generating a culture of peace.

-In schools, various activities have been carried out that promote family unity and reflection to avoid violence of any kind through good practices and the recovery of values. Each school has formed its student committee and developed its internal regulations for peaceful coexistence, among others.

-Specific inter-institutional cooperation agreements have been signed between the municipal governments of Pocoata and Colquechaca with the IPTK. The institutions begin to adopt protocols for detecting violence and refer cases to the ombudsmen.

-The inter-institutional networks for the fight against violence have been trained and sensitized in the prevention of violence, and they influence so that the institutions allocate and increase budgets to work on prevention and continue working in an articulated manner.

From TAU we congratulate the Bolivian women and communities involved in this work and we value positively the progress of the project. We will continue to contribute our grain of sand to strengthen a global awareness that allows equality and the eradication of sexist violence both in the countries in which we work, such as Bolivia and El Salvador, as well as in our closest environment. And it is that according to a study published this week by the Basque Government, 37% of the population of the Basque Country claims to know in their family, friends, neighborhood or work environment, a woman abused by her partner and 38% to a man who has abused a woman.

It is therefore important to join the feminist mobilizations of 25N and continue with cooperation in projects such as the one in Bolivia to make it possible for the work against sexist violence to extend throughout the year.

#November 25