Conference on regenerative and sustainable tourism at the University of Deusto

On Monday, September 27, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, the San Sebastián campus of the University of Deusto hosted a conference on Regenerative Tourism, organized by TAU Fundazioa and the Department of Tourism of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanas with the collaboration of the Directorates of Cooperation and Tourism of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. This initiative was born from the cooperation between TAU, CORDES and the University of Deusto within the framework of the project “Fostering Responsible and Sustainable Tourism with equitable and inclusive participation in the Aguilares municipality (El Salvador)”.

World Tourism Day 2021 is celebrated each year on September 27 and raises awareness of the social, cultural, political and economic value of tourism and the contribution the sector can make to sustainable development goals. The event was held in a mixed way (face-to-face and via streaming) so that Tourism students from the Bilbao and San Sebastián campuses were able to follow the conference online from different classrooms and spaces of the university.

After the institutional presentation by Javier Arellano, dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, the day included a video on the Aguilares project, presented by Alex Aguilar, manager of CORDES Region IV, and a short presentation on the Plan Gipuzkoa Tourism Strategy, BEGIKA, led by Iker Goiria, Director of Tourism of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council.

The inaugural lesson of the Conference called “#TurismoRESET, towards the regeneration of the tourism sector” was given by Alicia Fajardo, consultant for Tourism Development – Better Tourism and founder of #TurismoReset. A round table on regenerative destinations and initiatives was also held, moderated by Marina Abad, professor at the Department of Tourism at the University of Deusto, in which the following participated: Susana Conde, director and founder of Genuinespain; Isabel Sánchez; Ernestina Rubio, president and director of the European office of Planet4people; and Izaskun Suberbiola, director of the Mater Ecoactive Museum Ship.

Also on Tuesday 28, also on the Donostia campus of the University of Deusto, we organized and participated in the workshop called “Sustainable tourism in the fight against climate change.” The workshop was given by Susana Conde and 15 people linked to the tourism sector of Gipuzkoa participated.

We recommend you to know and join the manifesto for a new tourism committed to sustainability.

You can also access the full content of the Conference on the 27th in the following video on our YouTube channel: