On December 1, the Plenary Hall of the Parliament of Navarra made the ceremony of delivery of the medal of the Parliament of Navarra to the Platform of Social Entities (PES), a group of four Networks of which, since its constitution in 2011 , its work in favor of the most vulnerable people stands out in order, from a collaborative perspective, also at the institutional level, to confront the fight against the different manifestations of inequality as an ethical, social, political and economic imperative.

This is the highest distinction granted by the Provincial Legislature, a recognition that, according to the Institutional Declaration approved for this purpose, comes to reward the trajectory of all groups and entities that ten years ago decided to converge to, in accordance with the SDGs contained in the 2030 Agenda that inspires the Navarre Pact against Poverty (2021-30), work together for a more just, equitable and sustainable social model.

The event, organized within the framework of the commemoration of Navarra Day 2021, was attended by, among others, the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, the Minister of Social Rights, Carmen Maeztu, the Government Delegate, José Luis Arasti, the members of the Table and Board of Spokespersons, as well as Parliamentarians from all groups and groups with a seat in the Chamber.

Unai Hualde began his speech by underlining the “political and social consensus” that arouses any initiative aimed at eradicating poverty and inequality, a “human rights problem that goes beyond the lack of income and resources” and that, for Therefore, it requires the involvement of “organized society, that critical eye that sometimes pushes, sometimes criticizes, but always collaborates so that, together, we can build a stronger, more plural and social Navarra. This is the case of the PES, a representative network of networks, with more than 160 groups within it, whose trajectory we want to recognize ”.

In this context and after reiterating the relevance of the associative fabric, since “institutions do not reach everything”, the President has advocated “to continue strengthening public services so that, leaving behind the time of thinning and cuts, internalize the lesson that has provided the pandemic and promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable growth that contributes to social improvement. Noting that this is the commitment of this Parliament, to develop effective policies aligned with the 2030 Agenda. And that you cannot live in complacency as long as there is still inequality ”.

To this end and within the framework of the requirements of the Navarrese Pact against Poverty and Inequality (2021-30) signed in February, Unai Hualde has announced the forthcoming launch of the Monitoring Commission, as well as the organization of a conference that, added to the process of drawing up the Regional Law for people with disabilities, they should contribute to setting up an equitable and quality framework “with opportunities for all people, also in the productive and employment sphere, of decent work.”

Next, the President delivered the Medal and the texts of the Agreement and the Institutional Declaration to Jon Echeverría, on behalf of the Platform of Social Entities.

After receiving the award, Mari Luz Sanz (CERMIN), Juan María Erice (CONGDN), Jon Echeverría (Red Pobreza) and Edurne Arzelus (REAS) thanked what they described as an “honor” and reaffirmed their commitment to a change of model directed to put an end to the different manifestations of poverty and inequality through the defense and promotion of social cohesion.

“For the PES it is an honor to receive this recognition for our work, which we carry out every day to improve the living conditions of all people, both in Navarra and in the countries of the South. Ten years ago we came together to work together for a fairer social model that puts people first. Especially those most disadvantaged and vulnerable, aware that in a globalized world what happens affects and is everyone’s responsibility ”.

“We will continue working to leave no one behind and we hope that this House will continue to serve us, listen to and carry out improvements in public policies. The Navarrese Pact against Poverty and Inequality, proof that this struggle for a more sustainable social and economic model is shared by Navarrese society, constitutes our roadmap for the implementation of the SDGs. We have a common goal. From here we reaffirm our commitment. Many thanks to Parliament and to the 160 non-profit organizations and social and solidarity economy companies that make up the four networks of the PES ”.

The event was accompanied by musical accompaniment by the Band of Trumpets and Timbales of the Government of Navarra, which opened the event with the Hymn of Navarra and closed it with a fanfare. Participating in a music and dance group made up of the dancers Nekane Itoiz, Andrea Loyola and the guitarist Daniel Arteche, who staged three poems: “This is a Countdown”, by Aislinn Garcíarena; “Mar de Panthalasa”, by Jara Calvorena; and “Geure gainetik izarrak bakarrik”, by Hedoi Etxarterena.

The Platform of Social Entities (PES) groups together the NGDOs that make up the Coordinator of NGDOs of Navarra (CONGDN), the Navarra Network for the fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion, the Committee of Representative Entities of People with Disabilities of Navarra (CERMIN ) and the Alternative and Solidarity Economy Network (REAS). Four networks in which there are more than 160 social organizations of the Navarra Community, which work in International Development Cooperation, Social Exclusion, Disability, Social and Solidarity Economy, Migration and Health. The PES carries out important social work to improve the situations of inequality that exist in Navarra and in the impoverished countries with which it works and collaborates with the institutions.