"Agua Cáritas" drinking water treatment plant



Due to the problems existing in Trinidad regarding drinking water and given that the existing one does not have the proper purification process, Caritas Beni – Pastoral Social has drawn up a feasibility plan for the construction of the “AGUA CÁRITAS” water treatment plant to consumption within the entity’s facilities.

Becoming Caritas in an institution dedicated to the production and marketing of table water, made up of people with an entrepreneurial spirit, and committed to setting new standards of excellence for customer satisfaction. We want to achieve new levels of competitive success by developing quality products for our consumers and that at the same time help us to develop a self-sustaining and solid institution on a daily basis for the benefit of our clients and society in general. Combining the PRICE-QUALITY factors, which will allow us to have a progressive and constant growth, assuring our clients an effective and satisfactory supply of our product.


Municipality of Trinidad-Beni

Local Partner

Social Ministry Caritas Beni-PSCB


General objective: Promote the health of the vulnerable population of Trinidad through the purification and distribution of water with high quality standards and under international standards in order to meet their needs at affordable costs and in a self-sustaining manner.

Specific goal: Installation of a water treatment plant for “Agua Cáritas” for the consumption of the vulnerable population of Trinidad.

Main population

(the one with 100 marketing points).

Project duration



TAU (30.000€)


  • Construction of a water purification plant for consumption (Laboratory refurbishment. Treated water room refurbishment. Container washing room refurbishment. Armored doors).
  • Drinking water treatment plant equipment (compacted stainless steel metal structure to connect to the water network. Filtering media for starting up water filters. Storage and distribution tank. General equipment).