Water, a good for all-Improving access to water for the Palestinian population of Bethlehem



In Bethlehem, limited access to water resources is due both to the inefficiency of the city’s water service and to the management of the water network by the Israeli occupying force. Water arrives at Bethlehem homes every 25-30 days and families are forced to use plastic drums to collect and store it. However, their containment capacity is not enough to meet the daily needs of Bethlehem families, who, in many cases, are quite numerous and share the drums among themselves.

For this reason, the Palestinian population is in a condition of strong dependency: they cannot dig wells beyond a certain depth or build pipelines or aqueducts for water without special Israeli permission, likewise their right to extract water from the ground is subject to strong restrictions and limitations.

Consequently, they must use a secondary water supply network, obsolete and with a lower water transport capacity, so inefficient that more than 40% of the water is irreparably lost or contaminated. When the water supply does not reach the houses, the tanks are filled with water transported by tank trucks, but this operation has a high cost (up to 40 NIS / m3, the equivalent of about € 10 / m3), normally prohibitive prices for the many families in situations of vulnerability, precariousness and social difficulties in Bethlehem.


Belén, Palestina

Local Partner

ATS – Pro Terra Sancta


General Objective: To improve the water supply of the Palestinian population of Bethlehem.

Specific objectives: • Guarantee access to (clean) drinking water. • Guarantee the equipment for hot water. • Improve the hygienic-sanitary conditions of the population of Bethlehem. • Decreased risk of disease. • Raise awareness in Palestinian society in Bethlehem about water resources and their use.

Leading population

Families in vulnerable situations residing in the historic center of Bethlehem.

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Iruña (15.000,00€)


  • Renovation of damaged water tanks and installation of new, more functional tanks.
  • Installation of solar panels that guarantee access to hot water.