Literacy, vocational training and creation of a women's cooperative for goat farming and cheese making in Boumia



The rural area of ​​Boumia, made up of small villages, is a particularly disadvantaged and poor area; where the fight against poverty, especially female poverty, is very necessary. Important reason why it is urgent to work on literacy, awareness and emancipation of women in rural areas; At the same time, it seeks to generate some activity that reports economic income to women in this impoverished place in Morocco.

To this end, the Project tries to continue the literacy and vocational training activities carried out by Femme Action in Boumia for 70 women, from June 2008 to May 2009, and to extend these activities to another 75 more women in the area. Training all of them and looking for a good number to be members of the new feminine cooperative dedicated to goat farming and cheese production.

We have been able to verify the desire of the women of that area to commit themselves and the good work of the teachers and leaders of the groups; and we are very aware of her insistence on demanding support for her own wishes and expectations.



Local Partner

Cáritas Rabat y Femme Action-Marruecos


General Objective: To alphabetize, professionally train and create a women’s cooperative for goat breeding and cheese making.

Leading population

(75 women).

Project duration





  • Literacy of beneficiary women.
  • Creation of a women’s cooperative for goat farming and cheese production
  • Purchase of goats, at the rate of two goats per cooperative woman, for a minimum of 41 women.
  • Subsidy for the purchase of feed-fodder for goats during the first six months of operation
  • Preparation and design of a didactic and practical guide on cheese production