Allies of Hope



  As a result of the execution of a previous project, “Colectores de Esperanza”, 30 families dedicated to recycling within the city center were systemically strengthened. Of these, 12 have carried out a committed, serious and sustained process that profiles them as capable of strengthening entrepreneurial ideas around recycling. To this end, relations and cooperation agreements have been established with five co-operators in the center of Cochabamba that are offering better purchasing conditions to the families participating in the project. The five types of materials that copiers are most interested in have also been identified. To strengthen this process, it is necessary to provide families with conditions that allow them to take better advantage of the open opportunities, in particular: provide them with effective means for the collection of recyclable materials and collection sources where there is an adequate disposal of solid waste. . “Aliados de la Esperanza” wants to contribute practical actions in this direction to create effective educational and socio-community synergies that help to strengthen the collection families of the city center and, at the same time, contribute to the care of the environment and the comprehensive growth of students from 6 schools in the city center.


Cochabamba, Bolivia

Local Partner

Franciscan Province of San Antonio


The aim of the project is to promote in Cochabamba society an active and comprehensive awareness of solidarity with others and protection of the environment within the focus of integral ecology. The purpose of the project is to promote in the students of the schools in the center of the city of Cochabamba an active awareness of solidarity with the neighbor (recyclers / collectors families) and the protection of the environment within the focus of integral ecology.

Specific Objective: Exercise the Right to a life free of violence against women, adolescents, girls and boys by articulating with the education that prevents and attends it, with the participation and involvement of local actors from the municipalities of Ravelo and Ocuri.

Leading population

12 collecting families, 1,000 students and 100 teachers.

Project duration

(January 1 to December 31, 2019)



TAU, Astiz Iraizoz Hnos Foundation (€ 30,000.00)


  • Awareness campaign on environmental protection.
  • Diffusion of friendly practices with the environment.
  • Training on the protection of the environment and the proper management of solid waste, within an integral ecology approach.
  • Create a network of volunteers promoting integral ecology.
  • Support in solid waste management.