Expansion of the Water Treatment Plant "San Francisco"

Dominican Republic


There is no potable water supply in the area; it is necessary to boil the water from the wells or buy it at 30 pesos for the 19-liter jug (very expensive for impoverished families). Furthermore, Acute Diarrheal Disease is one of the main causes of infant mortality.


Barrio Cristo Rey, en BONAO

Local Partner

Our Lady of Guadalupe Foundation


General Objective: Expand the water purification plant with a capacity of 1,200 bottles / day for the families of the community

Specific Objective: Support that through the small surpluses of the sale of water (without commercial criteria), the financial sustainability of the Estancia Infantil San Francisco and the Child Nutrition Plan that cares for 50 children is achieved

Leading population


Project duration





  • Dynamize the water purifying plant.
  • Improve the distribution and use of bottled water in carafes from the purification plant