Expansion of the Our Lady of Guadalupe medical dispensary in the Brisas del Yuna neighborhood - Bonao

Dominican Republic


The main problems that this project wants to solve, with the expansion of the Ntra. Señora de Guadalupe Medical Dispensary, are the following:

  • Lack of functionality and differentiation of spaces in the health care of the Clinic.
  • Lack of sufficient space to increase the quality and quantity of health care for patients-disadvantaged people in the area.


Neighborhoods Brisas del Yuna and Villa Liberación in the town of Bonao

Local Partner

Our Lady of Guadalupe Foundation.


General Objective: Expand and improve the functionality and care of the health services offered by the Nª Sª de Guadalupe medical dispensary located in Bonao.

Leading population

(women, men and children)

Project duration



TAU and Ay. Tolosa


  • Transport of the necessary material for construction
  • Construction of plant and health care rooms.
  • Installation of plumbing for the bathroom and sinks in the sanitary spaces.
  • Electrical installation.
  • Installation of windows and doors.
  • Painting of the extension work.
  • Construction and installation of external bars for the windows and the access door.


  • Expansion of the medical dispensary, with the construction of a second floor of 70.67m2 that will serve to improve health care for users who come to it.
  • The dispensary serves the disadvantaged population of Bonao (especially that of the Brisas del Yuna and Villa Liberación neighborhoods), with an average of 1,000 people in consultation per month and 500 people in other services such as laboratory, radiology, cures, vaccination, ECG, ultrasound scans … The enlargement allows a greater space where to increase the quality and quantity of he