Support for technical training for adolescent women at the María Madre de Dios Bonao Girls' Home

Dominican Republic


The frequent number of unwanted pregnancies, as well as the conditions of economic poverty of many families and premature mothers in the Dominican Republic, result in the high abandonment of children who survive on the streets of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the country. The Virgen Madre de Dios Girls’ Home, managed by the AMICO Congregation, welcomes 36 abandoned girls and adolescents with situations of serious physical and psychological vulnerability. All of them are in need of attention, support and technical training in order to increase their capacities and opportunities for the future. The Home has land but no classrooms for specific training, that is why this project of construction and equipping of two classrooms where to provide hairdressing and manicure training is proposed.


Las Delicias neighborhood – Bonao

Local Partner

AMICO (Congregation of nuns Missionary Friendship in Christ the Worker)


General Objective: To enable the increase of job opportunities for girls and young people welcomed in the María Madre de Dios Girls’ Home

Specific Objective: Technical training for the young people welcomed in the María Madre de Dios Girls’ Home

Leading population

(niñas y adolescentes).

Project duration



TAU and Ay. Donostia


  • Construction of two classrooms for technical training in hairdressing, manicures and sewing.
  • Construction of cement roofs for the two classrooms and the tutoring room.
  • Equipment for both hairdressing and aesthetics classrooms.