Asocaunco: Creation of an association of small agricultural producers from three rural communities Project characteristics



In the area there are no public agricultural production services or private aid for marketing, credits, etc .; It is also necessary to consolidate community organization and increase the participation and autonomous decision-making of a population with which the local Partner has been working for years. This project is the demand of the beneficiaries themselves as a logical consequence of the work and previous projects that were being supported. It is the attempt to overcome external dependencies and enhance the organization and management of the peasantry itself


Union and Faith Communities, Carmen del Dorado and New Creation of Cotoca, of the Municipality of S. Andrés in the Province of Marban – Department of Beni

Local Partner

Caritas Beni – Pastoral Social


General Objective: Promote the integral development and improve the living conditions of some families in the three communities through the organization in Association of small producers

Specific goal:

  1. Creation of an Association to carry out productive agricultural activities
  2. Development of a model farm as a management center for administrative operation, training, production and agricultural research
  3. Promotion of the commercialization of the agricultural products of the Association and its associates

Leading population

(140 women and 111 men).

Project duration



TAU, Government of Navarra and Ay.


  • Approval of the legal framework, election of the board of directors and opening of a bank account for the Association
  • Hiring of project manager-coordinator, accountant and agricultural engineer
    Associates’ agricultural activity
  • Training to strengthen associations, management and administration of resources and assets.
  • Purchase of plot for model farm
  • Cleaning of production areas and planting
  • Equipment of the farm
  • Training for horticultural production, basic grain and sugar cane, post-harvest and agrochemicals
  • 4-inch well drilling and irrigation system establishment
  • Initial purchase of certified seed for subsequent production, harvesting and marketing
  • Construction of production storage shed
  • Use 4T truck for transport and sale of production in urban and rural markets


    Creation of the ASOCAUNCO Association

    60 families are benefiting from the possibilities offered by a producer Association

    Specific training in different areas (organization and operation, production, agricultural techniques …)

    Purchase farm 15 Ha. For training and production

    Good quality water well and development of irrigation system on model farm