Care for people with disabilities and without resources in the Marbán and Cercado provinces of the Beni department



The situation of disabled people is really very precarious, community and even family discrimination is strong; these people are ignored and usually receive little attention. To this must be added the situation of poverty in which families live: There is a clear difficulty in integrating and involving these people in a “normalized” way within the communities, for example, having school education and specific care.


Rural communities Puente San Pablo, Carmen del Dorado and Primavera of the Municipality of San Andrés in the Province of Marban and the La Plataforma neighborhood of Trinidad – Beni

Local Partner

Cáritas Beni – Pastoral Social


General Objective: To guarantee that people with disabilities and without resources really have equal opportunities and a comprehensive and autonomous development

Specific goal:

  1. Training of technical and volunteer staff in CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) through early diagnosis, developmental delay, intellectual disability and inclusion (family, health and education)
  2. Social communication and raising awareness in society about the rights of people with disabilities (PCDs) and strengthening their participation in society.
  3. Strengthening of PCDs organizations and networking among them.
  4. Promotion of RBC (Community Based Rehabilitation) model projects

Leading population

(disabled children and family).

Project duration



TAU, Ay. Bergara and Fund.Caja Navarra


  • Two 5-day training workshops by the National and two self-study meetings
  • Ten Workshops for volunteer promoters.
  • Work with the family (inclusion, listening advice)
  • Rehabilitation using recreational techniques, activities of daily living and groups of PCDs and their families.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the individual plan.
  • Promotion of the project in the communities (to motivate possible promoters) and Identification of appropriate promoters and interviews with them.
  • Developing a curriculum: CBR, attitudes, empathy, promoter role, self-esteem, communication techniques, rehabilitation, child-to-child activities, awareness
  • Training workshops on the content of the curriculum (50 hours for groups of 6 to 8 promoters)
  • Identification of children with developmental delay and intellectual pcd by promoters with the support of technical personnel in their communities.
  • Monthly meetings with promoters
  • Prepare a system of monitoring files and field visits with the national project manager and promoters once a month
  • Specific rehabilitation
  • Information meetings on the project and on Disability and Early Diagnosis with health personnel from the Marbán and Cercado Provinces on Disability issues, with directors and school boards, with Neighborhood Boards, Mother’s Clubs, Church, Unions
  • Workshop with the Network to identify and prioritize, periodic meetings
  • Preparation of semi-annual and annual reports.