Comprehensive attention to the rights of rural older people in the municipality of Tecoluca

El Salvador


In the country with 825,000 older adults, there are no more than 6 specialists in Geriatrics and Gerontology, most of them are in the private urban medical company, so only two are in the metropolitan area, while in rural areas they are not. there is no one. The elderly person dies from illnesses that have a solution, but due to the lack of specialized comprehensive preventive care and the lack of resources to go to a private clinic, they have no other way than resignation and waiting for death to come. Without abandoning the other sectors of society that CORDES has accompanied until today, we are going to turn the project of Comprehensive Care for the Elderly into a strategic local, national and global priority in the present and near future from the ACCUMULATED POSITIVE EXPERIENCE in the Rural Association of the Third Age; ART.



Local Partner

CORDES and ART (Rural Association of the Third Age)


General Objective: Territorial expansion in comprehensive care for the rights of rural older people in four of the seven territorial sectors of the municipality of Tecoluca. Specific Objective: Improve the health, leadership capacities and training of the older adult population in the Municipality.

Leading population

(women and men).

Project duration



TAUfundazioa and other Spanish ONGDs


  • Various periodic assemblies and meetings at various levels to create and strengthen the municipal table for older people.
  • Training for 70 leaders in the four territorial sectors of the seven that the municipality has.
  • Organization, mobilization and fight at the local level so that the Municipality complies with the signed agreements and the process continues.
  • Organization and mobilization so that, at the national level, the OAS CONVENTION on the Rights of Older Persons is approved, ratified and applied; approval of the NEW LAW and NATIONAL POLICY for OLDER PERSONS and the IMPLEMENTATION of the new SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals until 2030).
  • REMODELING of 5 Cabins, 1 Ranch, 1 Dining room, 1 Kitchen area, 1 Dock, the perimeter fence, gate and parking, power system, water and waste …
  • Acquisition of EQUIPMENT and basic FURNITURE of Dining Room, Kitchen, Cabins, Ranch, Dock, Water System, Energy and Waste to provide the remodeled spaces.
  • Basic equipment for three of the six “Day Homes” that are still to be equipped.
  • Acquisition of transportation with multiple uses for access to thermotherapy and mobility of the elderly in training, mobilizations, assemblies, meetings and health care.
  • Mini documentary and photo book “Discarded”, with the human face of the elderly, for internal and external dissemination.