Emergency aid for Gaza



Last year TAU developed a cooperation project with the local Palestinian Partner HDIP. This organization is an example of how civil society searches for transformative alternatives and meanings in the complex reality of the Gaza Strip. It is a non-profit Palestinian non-governmental organization that, over the years, has carried out different activities, especially in the research, study and implementation of policies that contribute to the comprehensive development of Palestinian society through exhaustive knowledge of the sources available in each Palestinian locality and, at the same time, develops development and training projects for the most vulnerable groups in society such as women, youth and different health areas, with qualifications in professional and productive work

Also participating in the construction of an authentic democracy within the Palestinian political system, seeking and achieving in part the establishment of a more stable and strong civil society, based on the values ​​of solidarity and justice. They have a wide and good organization and also carry out campaigns related to Human Rights, non-violence and democracy.

They recently launched a request for help, crying out for those who are suffering in Gaza; HDIP told us in his email “it is a true humanitarian disaster; Every hour more people die, others lose their loved ones and many are psychically affected for the rest of their lives developing many severe psychological traumas; which is why humanitarian organizations and people work to help in this disaster. HDIP is working side by side with the most basic population, the dimensions of the catastrophe is too large for a single entity or people; it is impossible to help alone, they say, that is why we say we need your help ”

This is the destructive Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, which began on December 27 and continues to bring death, destruction and intense suffering, especially for the civilian population; population that has been suffering this intense siege for more than a year and a half. So much so that “it is too late for the majority of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, little can be done for them since the health sector is collapsed, unable to respond to such a dramatic situation as the current one. There is no capacity in the region to deal with so much desolation, most of the infrastructure has been destroyed. In addition there are thirty-new schools and educational centers damaged or destroyed by the bombings; which has paralyzed the entire educational system. Everything has to be rebuilt, which is an arduous task to face, it takes a lot of money and resources. It is very hard to see children and young people lack of learning and the delay in their studies due to the destruction of schools and training centers ”.

In summary, the humanitarian situation is deplorable and unsustainable. Not just hospitals, mosques, or schools; The homes of the civilian population have also been erased from the map. The general situation of resources for mere survival is very serious. External support and aid is urgent to alleviate the suffering of the 1.5 million people who are under constant Israeli fire attacking the Gaza Strip.

HDIP asks for help for the population of the Gaza Strip in two specific areas: humanitarian aid for food, clothing, shelter, medicine and reconstruction of houses and education to provide school supplies and help in the reconstruction of schools. And they thank on behalf of the women, men and children of the Gaza Strip for this kind of help they can receive.

This financial demand for emergency Aid has been responded to by sending aid to HDIP so that it is she who manages it; considering that any type of international aid has to be made through Palestinian institutions and local entities that are well aware of the existing situation and needs, since it is they who have the task of offering basic services such as health or education, regardless of who can hold power at that time. We think that we can be in solidarity and cooperate with everyone, from impartiality and seeing the real needs of the population, rather than as pressure instruments with respect to one sector or another.


Gaza Strip

Local Partner

HDIP (Institute of Information and Health and Development Policies)


General Objective: Humanitarian aid in an emergency situation by Israel’s “Cast Lead” operation in the Gaza Strip

Leading population

(women, men and children).

Project duration



TAU and Ay. Pamplona (Navarra)


  • Psychological Support
  • Contribution of basic sanitary kit
  • School supplies
  • Family equipment