Emergency aid for the construction of family latrines in the Brisas del Yuna neighborhood in Bonao

Dominican Republic


With the earthquake disaster in the neighboring country of Haiti and the appearance of cholera in it, the reality in areas of the Dominican Republic was also affected by this circumstance. In the case of the Brisas del Yuna neighborhood, where the Fundación Nª Sª de Guadalupe, and given its characteristics of impoverishment and lack of resources; Counting also with some people from Haiti, the appearance of cholera was feared due to the lack of resources and adequate sanitary infrastructure for many families and residents of the neighborhood. For these reasons, there was demand and this emergency project was launched, whose main objective to be carried out in two consecutive phases was to build and implement nonexistent latrines for 100 families in the neighborhood.


Yuna breezes neighborhood – Bonao

Local Partner

Our Lady of Guadalupe Foundation


General Objective: Construction and implementation of 100 latrines for families in the Brisas del Yuna neighborhood

Leading population

(100 families)

Project duration



TAU and Parroquia San Francisco de Asís-Pamplona


  • Purchase of materials.
  • Hiring of labor.
  • Build the latrines.


The project, completed in 2011, has been carried out in two consecutive phases:

  1. In the initial 30 latrine houses were built in homes where the rest of the elements, mainly the well, were in good condition and 23 complete latrines for as many families.
  2. And in the next phase 47 complete latrines have been built.