Bolstering the Eco-Collectors’ Association Who Strive to Protect the Environment. Comprehensive ecological activity in Cochabamba.


Background information

A well-organized program was designed in 2016 for 30 families in precarious economic conditions who recycle solid waste in the center of the city of Cochabamba to benefit the “Tawis” community. As of today, two previous projects have been carried out as part of this program: “Collectors of Hope” and “Allies for Hope”. Each month the Association of Eco-collectors collects, on average, four tons of recyclable solid waste. The separation of solid waste in situ has enabled the members of the Association to increase their individual weekly income from Bs 75 to Bs 400. But these income levels can be further increased. The next step involves allowing eco-recyclers to stop selling the collected material through intermediaries in the recycling chain and do so directly to waste processing companies. This new project is submitted as “Bolstering the Eco-Collectors’ Association Who Strive to Protect the Environment. Comprehensive ecological activity.”



Local partner

Franciscan Movement for Justice and Peace in Bolivia (FMJPB)


Overall goal:Promoting the socioeconomic development of the Cochabamba community by fostering the active participation of its members to protect the environment with an integral ecological approach.

Specific goal: Bolstering the organization and active participation of the “Eco-collectors Association Who Strive to Protect the Environment” within the recycling chain in the city of Cochabamba.

Target population

(30 families that collect solid waste).

Project duration



TAU, Ay Iruña (€ 22,192.10)


  • Organizing elementary-level workshops and training on the recycling business and product marketing.

  • Designing a protocol for good practices in collecting, storing and marketing recyclable material.

  • Designing a risk management protocol for the Association’s activity.

  • Offering advice and permanent support to 12 collecting families in the process of collecting, storing and marketing solid waste.

  • Providing a room for the storage of the collected material and suitable equipment for performing this activity.

  • Coordinating the volunteer team and local institutions.

  • Designing regular and ongoing campaigns to promote recycling.

  • Coordinating the suitable separation and disposal of solid waste with seven schools.

  • Coordinating the use of 1,114 properties in the downtown area with local neighbors and companies.