Building opportunities for pregnant teens and / or single mothers 12-20 years old in two neighborhoods of Trinidad



Pregnancy at an early age constitutes a socio-economic and public health problem of considerable magnitude; especially in a context of high fertility such as the Bolivian. The fact of these unions of adolescent couples generate unstable families, which implies couple breakups, rejection of pregnancy, abandonment of children, stigmatization and exclusion of mothers; in short absence of a decent future for them and their children


Two peripheral neighborhoods of Trinidad – Beni

Local Partner

SLIM (Comprehensive Legal Services for Women)


General Objective: Comprehensive care for personal strengthening and development of their autonomy

Specific goal:

  1. Training and education for life
  2. Offer health services, education, job placement, care services and attention to your children

Leading population

(young women and adolescents).

Project duration



TAU, Diputación Foral Gipuzkoa and Ay. de Oñati


  • Dissemination and promotion of the rights of pregnant adolescents with their partner, family and neighborhood communities
  • Local radio and tv shows
  • Training and psychological counseling to strengthen personal development (workshops, talks, meetings …)
  • Workshops for spouses, partners and family members on responsible motherhood and fatherhood
  • Technical job training in different areas (pastry, bakery, sewing, beauty, computing, gift crafts …)


  • Meetings and meetings with 80 pregnant teenagers from the Niña Autónoma and Meralysa neighborhoods
  • Specific workshops on health, pregnancy, nutrition, etc.
  • Psychological therapy for 20 teenage mothers and / or pregnant
    Home visities
  • Workshops on rights and duties, family violence, assistance and recognition of children
  • Radio and television programs, articles in the press
    Accompaniment for care in neighborhood health centers, during labor and afterwards
  • Accompaniment and incorporation of 10 adolescents to school and regulated training
  • Training in pastry, manicure, bakery, cardboard …
  • Vocational and work orientation