Discontinued Twinning Continuity

El Salvador


Elderly adults in El Salvador are discarded. Despite giving everything for the family, the community, the municipality and the country in times of war and during the process of building peace and democracy, most of the elderly are abandoned by the State. In a recent encyclical, Pope Francis also referred to the world’s elders as the “discarded.”

In El Salvador there are 825 thousand people over 60 years of age. Of these, only 200,000 have a pension that, with few exceptions, ranges between US $ 50 and US $ 350 per month. The remaining 625 thousand do not receive any income from the State, despite having worked their entire lives for starvation wages, without contributions to social security or pensions.



Local Partner



General Objective: Improved quality of life for older adults at ARTE, Rural Association for the Elderly located in Tecoluca

Specific Objective: To continue with the financial support to 5 adults without ART resources, through CORDES

Leading population

(women and men).

Project duration



TAUfundazioa (7.000€)


  • 14 payments of € 100 per month to 5 people of ART