Cooperative of eco-recycling services: defenders of the environment. Comprehensive ecology action



All the actions carried out in previous projects have achieved that, on a monthly basis, the Eco-collectors Association collects, on average, 4 tons of recyclable waste. In addition, the separation of waste at the source has improved the quality of the recovered material. The improvement in the collection and the increase in the collection has allowed each of the members of the Association to increase their weekly income from Bs 75 to Bs 400. But income can be further optimized if intermediaries in the recycling chain are avoided and a primary treatment is carried out to increase the commercial value of the material. Reasons why it is necessary to empower the members of the Association the conditions that allow them to take advantage of the open opportunities, transforming the Association into a Cooperative with legal recognition, develop its organizational-business structure, strengthen its capacity for the treatment of recycled material and incorporate the use of organic waste.



Local Partner

Franciscan Movement for Justice and Peace of Bolivia (JPIC)


General objective:Promote the socioeconomic development of the community of Cochabamba, promoting their active participation for the protection of the environment with an integral ecology approach.

Specific goal:Establish the “Cooperative of eco-recycling services: defenders of the environment” enhancing the competitive capacities of Eco-collectors within the recycling chain of the city of Cochabamba.

Main population

(30 families).

Project duration



TAU, Pamplona Town Hall (€ 41,983)


  • Training, advice and support for the official constitution of the Cooperative.
  • Advice and support for business strengthening of the Cooperative.
  • Exchange of experiences with Traperos de Emaús Navarra.
  • Construction of a shed and equipment on the land assigned by the OFS for the development of the Cooperative’s activity.
  • Provision of basic machinery for the development of the Cooperative’s activity.
  • Installation of an integrated system for the treatment of biodegradable waste (for the production of compost and vermicompost).
  • Provision of an ecological garden.