Participatory sustainable rural development with a gender perspective in 11 communities in El Paisnal

El Salvador


The poverty map of El Salvador classifies the Municipality of El Paísnal with moderate poverty, which means that in the municipality there are families with lack of income and the inability to meet their basic needs, such as education, health, drinking water, sanitation, decent housing, among others, that allows the family to get out of their condition of high vulnerability, marginality and social exclusion in which they live. But when making participatory diagnoses in the communities, we find ourselves with problems and needs that mainly affect women and youth, among which we can mention:

  • Weakness in the processes of organization and youth citizen participation, which is associated with the poor training that youth have, the low knowledge of their rights, inactivity of youth committees, low number of leaders, low implementation of policies and strategies of local development where they involve youth with gender equality.
  • Few spaces for inter-institutional coordination with local governments and citizens, which is due to the fact that local governments and institutions do not value the importance of the development of coordinated initiatives.
  • Public management with a low gender focus in development, which may be due to the fact that officials, councilors have low training and experience of local development with a gender focus, low experience in the installation of units with specialized personnel who contribute to the execution of actions with a gender focus.
  • Minimal possibilities for youth to implement economic initiatives, due to the difficulty in having economic, financial, technical and material resources, in addition to low implementation of economic policies and programs aimed at youth


11 communities of El Paísnal

Local Partner

Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador (CORDES)


General Objective: Strengthen capacities for participatory local development with a gender focus in the Municipality of El Paísnal

Leading population

(220 adult women and 100 young people).

Project duration



Diputación Foral Bizkaia (119.614,08€) and TAUfundazioa


  • Socialization of the project.
  • Formulation of a municipal gender policy
  • Socialization of the municipality’s gender equity policy
  • Project monitoring
  • Monthly meetings with 11 youth committees
  • Preparation of 11 communal operating plans, per year
  • Training 60 youth in gender, masculinity, citizen participation and human rights
  • Participation of the 11 youth committees in 6 open councils
  • Development of four forums of citizen interest on issues related to youth
  • Selection and identification of young beneficiaries.
  • Training for 100 young people (60 women, 40 men), in production of cattle, pigs, poultry and organic agriculture.
  • Purchase of materials and equipment.
  • Implementation of 45 production units