Provision of machines, equipment, bibliographic material and didactic and security accessories to the University Campus Universidad Católica



In order to fulfill the difficult and challenging task of launching competent professionals to the market, with comprehensive training, and responsive to the needs of this changing society, it is essential to have the minimum conditions in terms of infrastructure; and in this sense, the Catholic University is the only university educational affiliate that has its own premises and with dimensions in accordance with the requirements of the National Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education of the Republic of Paraguay (ANEAES, official agency for its initials) and This was possible thanks to the generous local and international contribution, but which has a very high maintenance cost only without considering expansion costs in the different educational spaces.



Local Partner

CAERER (Commission for Aid to Rural Students without Resources)


General Objective: Provide the minimum comforts for the achievement of academic and administrative activities at the Universidad Católica Sub. Caaguazú Campus, which works with the majority of students from rural and peri-urban areas, with limited financial resources.

Specific Objective: To achieve that these Students and Graduates apply what they have learned in their communities, to reverse existing deficiencies in the fields of agricultural administration, agronomy and basic health.

Leading population

(university women and men).

Project duration





  • Purchase of equipment, machinery and teaching materials.
  • Equipment and provision of university classrooms