The Health and Good Living Bus



In the intervention area it is a fact the absence of medical specialists in the public health system, the majority attend in private spaces. Furthermore, the public health system works with children up to the age of 5 and does not collaborate with civil society organizations. This causes a wide swath of the population to be uncovered from any free healthcare system. In these years, and thanks to the work of the Fundación San Lucas Mobile Hospital, communities with zero rate mortality have been achieved. The eight communities of intervention for 2020 are: Lomas de Santa Bárbara, Pampilla, Quiñiloma, Calvario Quillacollo, Sumunpaya, Minero San Juan-Alto Litoral, San Antonio and Azirumarca.


Cochabamba Department

Local Partner

San Lucas Foundation


General Objective: Promote the health and social well-being of the population of the peri-urban neighborhoods of Cochabamba through prevention, medical and dental care, training and citizen participation. Specific Objective: Reduce the morbidity and mortality of the population through medical and dental care and citizen training for self-care.

Leading population

(children and family).

Project duration



TAU, Kutxa-DAD (8.000€)


  • A.1.1. Signing of agreements, one per year in the eight communities.
  • A.1.2. Health diagnosis or baseline, one per year in two communities.
  • A.1.3. Bi-monthly community training workshops in eight Territorial Base Organizations, for 10 months, 5 workshops per community, a total of 40 workshops.
  • A.1.4. Fruit tree planting campaign, one per year.

R2. Preventive health

  • A.2.1.a. 72 training workshops for 120 women from eight communities.
  • 1 workshop per month for 9 months in eight communities.
  • A.2.1.b. 15 workshops for 20 educators from five Care Centers for children and adolescents at high risk. 3 workshops a year in five centers.
  • A.2.1.c. 6 Workshops for 20 educators from eight Uainas Centers “Comprehensive Care Unit for children under 6 years of age”. 3 workshops a year in two sectors.
  • A.2.2.a. 144 biweekly training workshops for 9 months in eight communities, 325 children.
  • A.2.2.b. 16 environmental campaigns a year with 325 children in eight communities. 2 campaigns per community.

R3. Healing health

  • A.3.1.a. Biweekly medical consultation for 10 months in eight communities, 1,000 patients, 160 days.
  • A.3.1.b. Pap smear campaign, one a year in eight communities, 100 women, 16 days.
  • A.3.2.a. Biweekly dental consultation for 10 months in eight communities, 1,000 patients, 160 days.
  • A.3.2.b. Oral hygiene campaign, two a year in eight communities, 600 children, 16 days.
  • A.3.2.c. An annual oral health campaign for 120 women from eight communities, 16 days.