Fight against gender violence in the context of a pandemic, through the strengthening of inclusive education, health and municipal management, with a focus on gender and environmental sustainability in the municipality of Ckochas



In the process of identifying the proposal and based on the diagnosis made in various interviews, and workshops with focus groups held during the second semester of 2020, community organizations, SLIM, health centers and municipal authorities, among other problems, prioritized the problem of gender violence and against children. The subject population identified three latent and particular subproblems within the municipality of Ckochas. In the first place, a lack of tools, resources and capacities was identified within the Educational Units (EU) considered as a vital space for education and the fight against gender violence. Second, the weakness of indigenous peasant women’s organizations, which do not have the minimum organizational capacities and resources to participate, influence and demand the right of women and girls in their communities to a life free of violence. Finally, the third problem detected is the little or no level of inter-institutional coordination within the municipality of Ckochas.


Municipality of Ckochas

Local Partner

IPTK (Instituto Politécnico Tomás Katari)


General objective: Contribute to the reduction of all forms of violence against women, girls and boys and to the construction of a more peaceful society that includes gender equality, the improvement of health and hygiene conditions in the context of COVID-19, through a inclusive education, in the municipality of Ckochas.

Specific goal: Promote the exercise of the Right to education and health with an environmental sustainability approach that prevents and attends to all forms of gender violence, with the participation of public actors, women, students, peasant social organizations and the population of the municipality of Ckochas.

Main population

(899 women and 809 men).

Project duration



TAU, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa(99.999€)


  • Information sessions with students on the recognition and prevention of gender violence from an environmental and intercultural approach.
  • Prepare risk maps in the context of COVID-19, visualizing threats and dangers.
  • Participatory elaboration of the internal regulations of coexistence of the EU with a gender and masculinities approach.
  • Develop indigenous festivals of interculturality, intercollegiate theatrical competitions and short videos thematic against gender violence.
  • Audiovisual sessions for reflection and discussions with family members on gender violence in the context of COVID-19.
  • Equipping libraries of educational units with didactic material on the prevention and care of gender violence.
  • Workshops on prevention of gender-based violence for teaching staff and their relationship with health, education and the environment in times of COVID.
  • Webinar on Coeducation and prevention of violence in education to share experiences between Bolivia and Gipuzkoa.
  • Participation of peasant women’s organizations in spaces for dialogue and reflection.