Fight against gender violence through the strengthening of inclusive education and municipal management with a gender and environmental sustainability approach in the municipality of Ckochas (Bolivia) Phase II.



This second phase aims to continue the reduction of all forms of violence against women, girls, and children, and to continue contributing to the construction of a fairer and more peaceful society through inclusive education, the strengthening of women’s organizations, and municipal management with a gender focus in the municipality of Ckochas.


The project will take place in the municipality of Ckochas, specifically in the communities of Ckochas, Chejchi, Seocochi, Mellena Alta, and Keluyo.

Local Partner

Instituto Politécnico Tomas Katarí (IPTK)


General Objective: To contribute to the reduction of all forms of violence against women, girls, and children and to the construction of a more peaceful society in the municipality of Ckochas.

Specific Objective: To promote the exercise of the right to a life free of gender-based violence, through the strengthening of inclusive education from an intercultural and environmental sustainability perspective, and the active participation of educational communities, women’s organizations, and public authorities in the municipality of Ckochas, by enhancing their leadership capabilities and advocacy for local public policies.

Principal Population

(529 women and 420 men).

Project Duration



TAU and DFG (100.000€)


  • Coordination and planning meetings with Educational Units.
  • Training workshops for high school students on innovative strategies for preventing school and family violence.
  • Selection of new student committees and workshops on gender-based violence prevention with an environmental and intercultural focus and leadership training for them.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the use of internal regulations for gender and rights-focused coexistence in the involved educational units.
  • Artistic contests in painting and theater with messages to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence, promote environmental care, and interculturality.
  • Parent workshops on procedures for reporting violence cases.
  • Formative meetings with educational authorities and teachers using innovative and playful methodologies for gender-based, school, and family violence prevention.
  • Psychological support and guidance for students and their parents who are victims of violence and have mental health problems.
  • Training and virtual exchange with a global/local focus on the 2030 Agenda (with special emphasis on SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls) for students from the 5 Educational Units of Ckochas, with the advice and participation of EGK/CJE.
  • Selection of women from political organizations and the Bartolina Sisa matrix for training as leaders.
  • Training workshops for selected women on leadership, rights (Right to a life free of violence), surveillance and social control, conflict resolution, culture of peace, and organizational strengthening, along with the development of gender-focused proposals.
  • Meeting of trained women leaders to develop two proposals to defend their rights without social discrimination, to be submitted to the Ckochas Violence Prevention Network.
  • Support for women leaders in assemblies, planning spaces, and congresses of organizations to promote and ensure their participation and leadership in decision-making processes.
  • Promotion of economic opportunities for women through equipment and development of technical workshops in cutting and sewing, bakery, handicraft weaving, production costs, and marketing strategies for their economic autonomy.
  • Involvement of women leaders in mobilizations to defend the right to a life free of gender-based violence and local radio programs.
  • Technical and legal assistance to women’s political organizations and their Bartolina Sisa entity in their organizational strengthening, preparation of reports, re-election of their boards, and updating of their statutes and regulations.
  • Planning and coordination meetings with the Ckochas Violence Prevention Network (representatives of public, private institutions, and NGOs) to work against gender-based violence in Ckochas.
  • Workshops to develop participatory proposals for gender-based violence prevention and environmental care, involving public and private actors within the Network, and presentation of two proposals prepared as a Network to be presented to the Ckochas Municipal Government for inclusion in the municipal planning and budget.
  • Participation of Network members in awareness campaigns through radio programs in defense of women’s right to a life free of violence.
  • Strengthening of the Ckochas Defensoría (ombudsman’s office) and SLIM (Local Integrated Service Center for Women) on the application of the prevention and assistance model for women in situations of violence.
  • Exchange of experiences between the Ckochas Violence Prevention Network and the Gender Violence Prevention Network of Sucre municipality