Promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism with equitable and inclusive participation in the Aguilares municipality

El Salvador


In 2015, the Central American Governments made a joint reflection on the importance of strengthening tourism as a means of Sustainable Development and, meeting in San Salvador, signed a declaration that, among others, raises the following considerations: “That sustainable tourism, as a cross-cutting area of the Sustainable Development Goals, is one of the main strategic axes to promote human development and reduce poverty in the region, supporting local and regional economies by generating demand for services and employment, as well as generating income and opportunities I stop the different sectors that comprise the social fabric and contributing to the protection of the region’s natural and cultural heritage assets.


Aguilares Municipality, Department of San Salvador, El Salvador

Local Partner

CORDES (Association Foundation for Community Cooperation and Development of El Salvador)


Objective: Promote responsible and sustainable tourism, with equitable and inclusive participation of civil society, in the Aguilares municipality, in which 7 organizations, 443 people (221 women and 222 men) participate, making efficient use of the resources available in the town.

Leading population

(221 mujeres y 222 hombres)

Project duration



TAU, Provincial Council of Gipúzkoa (€ 119,853.34)


  • Schedule activities.
  • Conduct 19 training days.
  • Carry out 2 experience exchange tours.
  • Socialize the project.
  • Prepare annual plans for the Aguilares tourism development committee.
  • Conduct review days of the structure and operation of the tourism development committee of Aguilares COMITURA.
  • Hold monthly reinforcement meetings.
  • Technical support in organization and tourism.
  • Design a policy and development plan for responsible tourism in the Aguilares Municipality.
  • Design and development of an awareness program on responsible and sustainable tourism linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    Training of 6 tourist guides.
  • Two tourist routes defined and operated in Aguilares.
  • Development of artistic, cultural and gastronomic festivals.
  • Design and launch a marketing program.
  • Buy materials and equipment.
  • Technical support in marketing